Kansas fan wants the White House to stop Kansas from wearing new uniforms provided by Adidas


What you see above are the new “uniform systems” created by Adidas that six college teams–Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA, and Louisville–will wear during conference tournament play starting March 13.

Now if we’re all honest about these “uniform systems”, we would all agree that they are bad. Really bad. But most of us can quickly get over them and move on with our lives.

Well, one Kansas fan can’t just get over them and move on with his or her life. Instead, A. W. of Bloomington, Indiana has petitioned the White House to stop Kansas from wearing the uniforms and imploring other Kansas fans to “Stand up for our university, for coherent color schemes, and for the spirit of Wilt Chamberlain.”

You really can’t make these things up.


As you can see, the petitioned has only mustered 256 signatures. So unless 99,744 other Kansas fans out there are willing to stand up for the spirit of Wilt Chamberlain, it seems that the Jayhawks will be forced to don their new “uniform systems.

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