Investigation finds Curt Schilling’s PED claims to be ‘baseless’, Schilling disagrees

curt_schillingLast week seemingly out of the blue, Curt Schilling went on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and revealed that a member of the Boston Red Sox organization urged him to use PEDs in 2008. Schilling did not reveal the name of the individual but did say that the he no longer worked for the organization.

Since then, Schilling has done subsequent interviews where he ruled out many individuals that were with the organization in 2008. Because of Schilling’s claim and the lack of details he gave, MLB and the Red Sox were forced to conduct their own investigation of the claims which wrapped up over the weekend. And according to ESPN, the investigation found that Schilling’s claims are completely “baseless”.

Curt Schilling’s claim in 2008 that a member of the team’s medical staff raised the possibility of treating his injured shoulder with a performance-enhancing drug was “completely baseless,” investigations conducted by both the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball concluded, according to two baseball sources with direct knowledge of the investigations.

Schilling reported the alleged conversation to Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, the team’s manager and general manager at the time, and according to MLB sources, Epstein immediately contacted MLB offices in New York, as is required under the terms of baseball’s joint drug agreement. Both the Red Sox and MLB subsequently initiated investigations — “within a week,” one source said — interviewing Schilling, the staff member who allegedly made the comment, and at least one witness to the conversation.

The investigations were thorough, the sources said, and the players’ union was informed, and both probes came to the same conclusion.

“Completely baseless,” one source said. “It didn’t happen. The staff member did not say it, and he had no PED history whatsoever.”

Predictably, Schilling is sticking to his story and disagrees with the findings.

“It happened. I informed the club, and there were other players that heard the conversation, who I spoke with after,” Schilling told in an email. “The club immediately informed MLB, and they launched an investigation in which all parties were interviewed. If someone’s saying it didn’t happen, I am not sure why, since the two people in the discussion are gone — I’m retired and the other person was fired last year, I think. But it doesn’t shock me that people would deny it was ‘an event,’ though I am unsure why.”

We’ll probably never know what exactly happened here, but that won’t stop Schilling from continuously stirring the pot. That’s just what he does.

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  1. Who is this fellow anyway? An Arizona transplant baseball pitcher, who played in a game against the Great New York Yankees? A very misleading personality. An untruthful character. A Republican. A Tpartier. A racist. Now facing serious Criminal Investigation related to Curt’s FAILED business attempts. There U have it.
    God bless America!

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