Four arrested Alabama players are ‘no longer associated with football program’

alabama-players-arrestedIn a move that surprises no one, Alabama has decided that the four players arrested on charges stemming from two robberies will no longer be a part of the football program.

The decision by the university was expected since three of the players had been recently banned from the university.

Head coach Nick Saban confirmed the decision on Wednesday.

“Based on all the information we’ve received and gone through and tried to determine the future of the four guys that got in trouble, those guys are no longer associated with the football program,” Saban said. “Their actions do not reflect the spirit and character that we want our organization to reflect. It’s obviously very disappointing and unacceptable what happened.

“I also think that I’ve been really proud of over the last five years that our team has done a very good job and shown personal responsibility and how they represent the university, what they’ve done in the community, in the classroom, off the field. And they’re going to continue to do as much as we can in personal development, character development in our program with education to try to help guys have a chance to be more successful in life.

“Some people learn by words, some people learn by consequences, some people can’t learn.”

Once details emerged from the robberies, there was just no way Saban could keep these players. Besides after signing 26 recruits in February, a little roster trimming was needed anyway.

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