Double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murder

Oscar Pistorius leaving Boshkop police station

Oscar Pistorius made history at the 2012 Summer Olympics becoming the amputee runner to compete in the Olympic Games. And now a mere 5 months later, Pistorius has been arrested and charged in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius and girlfriend Reeva SteenkampAccording to the Guardian, Pistorius was taken into custody in South Africa Thursday morning when police found Steenkamp dead at his home with gunshot wounds.

There had been reports of Pistorius being surprised by Steenkamp and mistakenly think she was an intruder to his home, but police have denied that report.

The South Africa police service were just as surprised this morning to hear on the radio that allegations had been made that the deceased had been perceived to be a burglar. We were very surprised and those allegations did not come from us.”

Neighbors told police that there were “unusual” sounds coming from Pistorius’ residence on Wednesday night and that this “previously been allegations of a domestic nature at Mr Pistorius’s home”.

Police say that there are currently no other suspects.

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  1. This kid is a WASTE.
    We were hopeing that, because he has gone through a quarter century , FIGHTING against odds, and, competing in the Olympics, that he was mature. NO. He is just a waste. KILLING women. Well? Too bad. Pre Medetated MURDER? Death Penalty, by hanging! WOW! Man????? What a waste!
    God bless America!

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