Did Stephen A. Smith lie about Dwight Howard telling Rudy Gay that he wanted him to join him in Brooklyn?

stephen-a-smithOn Friday we reported that Stephen A. Smith claimed that during a recent Raptors-Lakers game, Dwight Howard told Rudy Gay that “he should’ve waited to get traded [to the Raptors] because he could’ve joined him in Brooklyn next season.” The claim by Smith was the type of NBA nugget we praised him for in the report and even went as far as to say that when Smith reports NBA nuggets, “you have no choice but to at least pay some attention.”Well it seems that this time, we shouldn’t have paid attention because Smith’s claim doesn’t quite add up.

The entire claim is centered around a conversation that Howard and Gay supposedly had AFTER Gay had been traded to the Raptors. Hence the whole “he should’ve waited to get traded”. But an examination of the Lakers’ schedule reveals that the game against the Raptors took place on January 20. Rudy Gay was not traded to the Raptors until January 30.

So what gives? Was Smith intentionally telling a lie to pump up a nonexistent story or was it an honest mistake? Once questioned about his seemingly hollow claim on Twitter by @BrooklynNets11, he goes with the honest mistake defense. Which of course he deleted from his Twitter page. But luckily his responses were retweeted and still around.

Now we take some blame here too. We ran with a story without checking that everything added up. But Smith trying to pass this off an honest mistake just doesn’t feel right. He argues that whether the conversation happened while Gay was with Memphis or Toronto shouldn’t matter. But indeed it does. Why would such a conversation happen while Gay was still with the Grizzlies. Sure there had been rumblings that Gay would be traded, but trade rumors happen all the time in the NBA.

Smith claiming that Howard told Gay that “he should’ve waited” means that Gay had already been traded when the conversation took place. And despite his every effort to point to his bigger point, “DWIGHT STILL WANTS TO GO TO BROOKLYN”, it’s hard not to think that he just made this whole thing up.

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