Did Stephen A. Smith lie about dustup between Dwight Howard and Gregg Popovich?

stephen-a.-smithAnd now it’s time for your weekly, “Did Stephen A. Smith lie?” story. Last week, we had to ask did Smith lie about a misleading report about a conversation between Rudy Gay and Dwight Howard. The details didn’t add up but Smith maintains that the conversation happened.

Now this week, we again have to ask did Smith lie about a dustup that supposedly happened during the All Star game. Smith claimed on Mike and Mike  that Popovich was trying to draw up a play for Howard, but Howard was too busy socializing with celebs courtside. From there, Smith claims that Popovich cursed Howard out.

Of course, the story spread like wildfire but no one asked Popovich or Howard about the dustup. Until now.

TJ Simers of the LA Times asked Howard about the dustup and Howard claims it “just never happened.”

“Pop was diagramming a play for me, and then as he showed us what to do he kept saying, ‘Blake.’ So Blake and I are confused, but he keeps saying Blake, so Blake takes off his jersey and goes into the game.

“Pop sees me and wants to know why I’m not in the game running the play, so I tell him he kept saying Blake so Blake went in. He wasn’t swearing at me.”

“It hurts me, but what can I do about it?” said Howard, who has averaged 19 points and 12.6 rebounds the last five games. “I can’t fight ESPN.”

Now usually, we would just chalk this up to Dwight just denying he got fussed out by Pop. But after that Howard-Gay mess, we’re not so sure that Stephen A. isn’t just exaggerating again to make a story out of nothing.

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