Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un: Friends for life

dennis-rodmanIf you hadn’t heard Dennis Rodman is on a “tour” of North Korea. And apparently things are going swell. So swell that Rodman has taken a liken to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after the two took in an exhibition game in Pyongyang.

The two were seen laughing together and even had dinner together. Kim even reportedly told Rodman that “he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea.” And Rodman responded by saying he had a “friend for life”.

Rodman and Kim sat side by side at an exhibition game in Pyongyang, chatting as they watched players from North Korea and the U.S. play on mixed teams, Alex Detrick, a spokesman for the New York-based VICE media company, told The Associated Press.

Thursday’s game in a packed gymnasium ended in a 110-110 draw, with two Americans playing on each team alongside North Koreans, Detrick said.

After the game, Rodman addressed Kim in a speech before a crowd of tens of thousands of North Koreans, telling him, “You have a friend for life,” Detrick said.

And what did the new friends for life do that night? Got wasted together, of course.

The leader later plied the group with liquor, according to VICE TV producer Jason Mojica.

“Um … so Kim Jong Un just got the (hash)VICEonHBO crew wasted … no really, that happened,” Mojica wrote on his Twitter feed from Pyongyang.

Rodman may have found a new friend during his tour, but it seems that Kim Jong Un’s family has had Rodman on their radar for quite a while.

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