After a Super Bowl victory, Joe Flacco’s agent thinks Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the league

joe-flaccoJoe Linta, Joe Flacco’s agent and biggest fan is back and of course he’s a happy camper. Linta began the year campaigning that Flacco was a top five quarterback in the league. That lead to Joe Flacco himself telling a radio station in Baltimore that he believes that he’s the best quarterback in the league.

That set off a year-long debate about whether or not Flacco was an elite quarterback. At times he looked pretty elite and other times, not so much.

But then, he got hot in the playoffs. So hot that Linta thought it was time to double down on his earlier comments. Flacco remained hot, lead his team to a Super Bowl victory and took home the Super Bowl MVP. That feat alone was enough for Merril Hoge to proclain Flacco to be the best quarterback in the league. And not surprisingly, Linta has reemerged to shower praise on his client. But this time, he goes all in by stating that Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the league.

When asked whether Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, Linta simply said: “YES.”
That would mean more than the $18 million Denver paid Peyton Manning this season, or the $20 million a year that Drew Brees is averaging in New Orleans.

He’s younger than both. He’s won as much as they have. And Flacco is just heading into the peak of his career.

“When you do a contract of this magnitude, you look at what is the player’s body of work presently,” Linta said. “And what are the expectations going forward over the next four, five or six years.

“Joe wins on both accounts.”

It should be obvious by now that Joe Linta aint stopping until Joe Flacco is swimming in $100 bills.

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