With changes looming in New York, Rex Ryan quietly leaves town (UPDATE)

Usually no matter how much we wanted him to, Rex Ryan just would not stop running off at the mouth. But as the winds of change began to blow through the Jets organization, Ryan has been uncharacteristically quiet.

Tim Tebow wants out. Mark Sanchez may be on his way out. And GM Mike Tannenbaum was given his walking papers on Monday. In response, Ryan ducked a radio interview and the team even went as far as to cancel his scheduled press conference. So suddenly, a man who usually has plenty to say had nothing to say.

And for Jets fans waiting to hear to hear from their head coach, don’t be surprised if you’re waiting for awhile. Because Ryan has left town with no word on when he will return.

The Daily News has learned that not only isn’t Ryan at the team facility today, but he flew out of town this morning. Barring a drastic change in plans, he won’t be back to the team’s Florham Park headquarters on Thursday, either.

Ryan’s trip is of a personal nature, the News has learned. All indications are that Ryan took a mini-vacation as the Jets brass figures out its next move.

The Jets likely won’t make any official announcements of coaching changes until they hire a new general manager, which could happen as soon as this week. Ryan told his staff to handle their paperwork during the rest of the week, but that no official moves are likely to happen until a new GM is in place.

Skipping town while people lose their job. That’s your head coach, Jets fans.

UPDATE: A tipster informed Deadspin that Ryan and his wife are in the Bahamas vacationing and he’ll be back in New York on Tuesday. Here are the couple in the Bahamian airport earlier today.

Well isn’t that nice.

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