The “It may be time to trade Tom Brady” column has arrived

Believe or not, this isn’t the first time a Boston area columnist kicked around sending Tom Brady on his merry way. Back in 2010, after the Patriots were bounced from the playoffs by the Jets in the Divisional round, NESN columnist Jessica Isner penned a column arguing that Brady was falling out of favor in New England. Not because of his play on the field or anything remotely close to a reason he should fall out of favor. But because he had gotten “too Hollywood”.

We had a little fun with that column back then, but never thought we would ever get the chance to discuss the notion of New England ever cutting ties with Brady. Well, we were wrong.

Eagle-Tribune columnist Hector Longo has given us yet another chance to revisit this crazy notion with his column entitled, “Bye, bye Brady?”. Which ran in the paper on Sunday with that photoshopped image of Tom Brady in Cardinals you see on the left.

And now we turn things over to Longo.

Are Tom Brady’s best days behind him?

My opinion? Yes. He’s still elite, top three or four. But he’s not the best of the best any more. We’ve seen too much in big games the last handful of years.

Yes, Longo wants to deal a top three or four quarterback. But wait, let him explain.

Do you think Belichick is happy with his quarterback play the last five playoff defeats? Isn’t that why he pays Brady three times as much as the other “stars,” so he can make up for their mistakes?

In this instance, after another January disappointment against a driven, rugged, physical but soon-to-be dismantled Ravens team, sending Brady away this off-season would be the best for all parties.

Deal him. Deal him now, while you can have access to some really high bidders.

And who are those bidders, you ask? Longo has five of them.

Hot spots Top 5 potential Brady suitors: 1. Arizona — Three reasons: New coach, no QB, fan base dormant 2. Oakland — Move worked for Jim Plunkett in ’70s; immediately pushes Denver in AFC West 3. Jacksonville — Could save dying franchise and sell out stadium for three years 4. St. Louis — Sam Bradford and two first-round picks would be attractive 5. Tampa — Bucs would probably part with Josh Freeman and a pile of picks.

So basically Longo’s entire premise is that he thinks these five franchises are desperate enough to trade for a quarterback that he thinks needs to be traded from a perennial contender.

Only Arizona could make sense, but you know what makes the most sense? Keeping your Hall of Fame quarterback and making a couple of more runs at a Super Bowl.

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  1. Jim Hoopes says:

    Longo should run for a seat in congress and join the rest of the nation’s idiots. Where do
    these people come from? Is there any way to keep them from reproducing?

  2. Frank Bryant says:

    His article is a complete waste of time. I guess he’s trying to generate publicity for himself.

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