Steve Nash calls Dwight Howard ‘the anchor’ of the Lakers

For the sake of not attempting to manufacture a controversy, we’ll lay out a comment from Kobe Bryant from October and a recent comment from Steve Nash and leave it at that.

Back in October, just days after Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers, Kobe Bryant emphatically stated that the Lakers are “still his team.” At the time, Howard and Nash predictably backed Kobe in his comments, because what else would they do?

Fast forward three taxing months for the franchise which includes reports of fighting between Howard and Bryant on and off the court, Steve Nash now has some interesting comments regarding who the “anchor” of the Lakers is.

Nash spoke with J.A. Adande of ESPN after Howard’s first game back after missing three games with torn cartilage in his right shoulder.

“He was a great presence for us, good energy,” Steve Nash said. Then Nash dropped one of the strongest proclamations made to the media in the Lakers locker room this season: “You know, he’s the anchor of the team. When he plays with energy, plays hard defensively, we’re a different team. The only way for us to realize our aspirations is if he’s that presence defensively.”

Not quite the, “this is Howard’s team”, but it’s clear that Nash believes that without Howard, they won’t turn things around.

And that fact alone is why it would be foolish to even think about trading him away.

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