St. Louis rookie punter Johnny Hekker had more passing yards this season than Tim Tebow

Buried at the end of Jim Thomas’ column in the St. Louis Patch-Dispatch about the Rams’ rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein and rookie punter Johnny Hekker is a nugget that sadly sums up Tim Tebow’s season.

Here it is in all of its sad glory.

An added bonus from Hekker was his prowess on trick plays. As Zuerlein’s holder, he threw a touchdown pass in the first Seattle game. He also completed two passes on fake punts Nov. 11 in San Francisco, helping the Rams earn a 24-24 overtime tie.

“It was awesome,” Hekker said. “Being a specialist, you love to contribute any way that you can. And me being able to throw the ball, as an old quarterback it’s kind of like reliving the glory days.”

In the believe-it-or-not category, Hekker’s 42 yards passing on three completions in three attempts gave him more passing yards this season than Tim Tebow, who completed six of eight for 39 yards for the New York Jets.

“Oh man, I feel bad for Tim Tebow to be honest,” Hekker said.

We do too, Johnny. We do too.

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  1. What a bunch of pathetic loosers you antiTebow people are. Since you can’t find any dirt on a bornagain Christia that lives his faith, you come up with this. He barely played thanks to Rex and look how crappy the season was for the Jets….I would say 6 of 8 is pretty good at 75 % completion rate for a minute here and there and one long passplay was dropped. Look at how he did in Denver…next season I hope you eat your words.

    • Dale. You cant let the biased media complex get to you,As your well aware of the powers that be have been tirelessly working to take GOD outta the public eye for awhile now and Tim refuses to bend much less break under the pressure and that should reassure anyone contemplating backsliding Keep the Faith because God is Great and all things are possible through Christ,As for what happened during the season you must keep things as you have “In Context” You cant do anymore than your allowed to do,As far as the Rams go what does that say about their pathetic team with their high dollar QB when it takes a rookie punter to complete a pass just to try and tie a ballgame! Tim will return where he should have started out,In Jacksonville,My Hometown and have a very respectable career,Everyone conveniently forgets his press conference when he said he didnt care where he played on the field,He just wanted to play,The Jets have a much bigger issue to deal with than Tim Tebow and his keeping the Faith!

    • Mario Galdamez says:

      Dale I am a Tebow fan(basically I`m a Broncos fan)If you are a christian you can not be calling people names, I know that where ever he goes He is going to prove his critics wrong, He does not need us defending him. He got to step on that field on show what He can do.(which I hope is going to be pretty entertaining and awesome)

    • Barbara Lindeman says:

      That’s pretty good playing from the sidelines on the bench because his coach won’t let him in the game. Wonder how many yards he would have gotten if he had even had the chance of ever passing the ball. Ryan insists that he’s in the game, yeah, on the sidelines. He had rather use his third string QB, even if he were on crutches, than let Tebow play. He would probably let the water boy play before he would let Tebow play. Ryan is determined that Tebow won’t get a chance. Tebow could be the most fantastic QB in all of history and he still wouldn’t let him play. What a shame! Someone ought to get rid of the coach and get someone in there who knows how to coach a NFL team, Ryan doesn’t.

      • I have this feeling that TEBOW was forced upon Rex Ryan and maybe, just maybe Ryan doesn’t like Catholics/ or Christians in particular. I do not see any reason to keep Tim Tebow on the bench when your season is going down the toilet. Put Tebow as tight-end, full back, special teams; use Tim like Aaron Hernandez is being used by the Patriots. Tim can catch the ball, shake a line backer and run over a corner back. What an a-hole Ryan is for not even giving Tim a chance.

  2. Wow, if there was ever a stat that showed just how badly Tebow was used in New York this is it. Tebow went from making spectacular plays and come from behind wins in Denver to sitting on the bench and making a few short throws now and then. Good job Rex Ryan!

  3. JoAnn Atkins says:

    Stop picking on Tim Tebow. He wasn’t given much chances to play. Hope he goes to a team that appreciates his talent.


  4. kevin knight says:

    what’s the big deal…. you’ve got to be on the field to throw a pass…. and when you are on the field…. a pass play has to be called….

  5. Obviously you are fishing for a reaction here. Well here you go. You want to compare stats of a kicker to a player that they played hardly at all? Or, are just another person who would like to smear a decent man because you are athiest or something. Maybe you are trying to take the attention from you. Is there a lack of real sports news or does dirty laundry just print easier.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      He was out there on the field way more than Hekker ! What I’m saying is : he could’ve audibled out of a run to a pass play . Anyway, my point being is this : he played more than Hekker, & should’ve done better than him . I do hope wherever he goes next year that he does get a better shake than the one he got in NY ! That gimmick BS hardly ever works & he does deserve better .

  6. tebow is a bum at qb position. better as possible tight end.

    • zr1 corvette says:

      hey chas what team do you root for chances are ur a afc fan and tebow beat ur ass when he was with the broncos so shut the f up and I can tell by ur screen name u dont get any pussy because if you did you wouldn’t have that for a screen name u douch bag

  7. Wifey & I were listening to commentators on Washington REDSKINS vs. Dullas Plowboys and they said, (Offensive coordinator & head coach got together and DESIGNED plays just for RGIII’s spread/ read-option offense !!! THAT’S RIGHT: THEY DESIGNED PLAYS
    Look at moron boy Sparano and G-R-E-A-T- BIG FAT F&*KERER Rex Ryan. Tebow can contribute soooo much to the offense but NOT if they only play him two downs a game: WT
    Heck. EVERYBODY knows when Tebow is sent in it’s for a QB draw up the middle.
    HOPEFULLY, Tebow will land somewhere like New England where Coach Billicheck already converted a QB ( Julian Edelman ) to wide out. #11 .
    O would LAUGH if next year the JETS have to face New England TWICE with Tebow in as wide out, full back, special teamer,
    P,S, Jets NEED a running game; Jets NEED wide-outs who come back to the ball like Larry Fitzgerald (AZ Cardinals). There is SOOO much room for improvement.
    Tebow isn’t the problem; he WAS part of the solution.
    Tebow is a winner. Please contribute to his non-profit:

  8. b_

  9. So if Tim Tebow goes out and kicks one punt for 50 yards, does that mean he’s a better punter than Johnny Hekker? Makes about as much sense as that worthless stat you pulled out of your a$$. I’m no Tebow fan, but it seems like people like you pick on him, because it’s the “cool” thing to do now. Get some new material. Tebow is a millionaire, and you’re a broke douche who writes a lame blog for a living.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Well, Hekker did go 3 for 3 42 yards passing & 1 touchdown, so theoretically if, Tebow punted 3 times for an average greater than what he averaged, or maybe even had more punts that pinned teams inside their own 5 yard line then yeah, he would be better than him !

  10. SteveDave says:

    Yeah, this is pretty stupid. Why don’t you list every other backup qb that saw little to no snaps all year? I’m not exactly a huge Tebow fan, but I’m starting to root for the guy just because of all of this ridiculous crap he gets. You know what will be hilarious? Watching the Jets continue to suck, year after year, regardless of who they have sitting on the bench.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      That’s true ! I’m tired of hearing about the Jets, & Rex Ryan & how great they’re, or how they’re not doing so great ! I could careless !

  11. Tim Tebow is a great quarterback…he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and a playoff victory last year. The 2011 Broncos would have never gotten that far without him!! He just isn’t an NFL quarterback long term. Tebow needs to dedicate himself to becoming a red zone back or a tight end or consider the CFL.

  12. Gary Schneider says:

    These anti-Tebow people will eat their words. To put down an article without revealing the whole truth is called ‘bearing false witness’. This brings serious long term consequences for defamation of character without revealing all of the facts. If I was this columnist I would think seriously about my future and what I will be reaping for what I have sown. Tim Tebow is already a great quarterback.

  13. A lot of people like Tebow for the simple fact he wears his religion on his sleeve. Nothing wrong with that. But as a QB he is overrated. He was on the field more than Hekker, and simply look at stats will show that. Tebow doesn’t handle pressure, he can’t really scramble, and he consistently made bad plays on the Broncos.

    Also, if the Jets were not putting Tebow in, it isn’t because of his religion. He probably looks terrible at practice, and if he looks terrible there, think of the damage he’d do on field.

  14. I’m a Rams fan from all the way back from the late ’60s. I like Tebow too, but this is an unfair statistic because Rex Ryan is an idiot. He has a problem with Tebow that no one can explain for now. I’m sure it will come out after the season, but it sure makes Ryan look like an immature baby by the “I’ll show you, style of coaching.” His lack of judgement and faith in Sanchez shows that he might be burned out as a coach. Pride and stubborness is not a way to coach a team to the playoffs.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      His problem with Tebow is that, Tebow is getting more of the media attention than he is ! I honestly think that might be the case .

  15. Gary Frazier says:

    If Tebow weren’t a professed Christian, no comparisons, such as this would exist.
    The world (especially the WORLDLY news media) will do anything to praise their own and put down those, who lift up the Name of the ONLY risen Lord!

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