Phil Knight on possibility of Lance Armstrong rejoining Nike: ‘Never say never’

If for some reason you found yourself questioning why Lance Armstrong decided that he needed to come clean, this report from TMZ should answer any and all questions you have.

Armstrong isn’t coming clean because it’s the right thing to do. He’s not even coming clean because all the deceit and lies are eating at him. He’s basically doing all of this because he needs money. And lots of it.

So how does a man that can no longer compete in his sport make money? With sponsorships.

And how does a man attempt to recoup the sponsorships he lost because he continued to lie about doping? Tell the truth about doping.

And guess what? It just might work with Nike CEO Phil Knight.

Nike might reunite with Lance Armstrong after all … despite terminating its contract with the disgraced cyclist last year — so says the Nike CEO Phil Knight.

Phil was out in DC yesterday when we asked if Lance and Nike might patch things up after the cyclist admitted to using PEDs — and Phil responded, “Never say never.”

So when you see Armstrong pouring out his heart on Thursday night, just know he has dollar signs running around in his head.

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  1. Lance comes clean he’ll bring down many people. I mean he’ll name the ones who brought the drugs. He’ll name his teammates and other people and then like the Olympic metals will be pulled. You know it’s like the holocaust that everyone tells the Jews don’t be silent about the holocaust. Tell everyone about it and scream it, but the Jews say no the holocaust is in the past and we can’t accomplish anything by bringing it up.
    So Lance should just let it go. Because now he’ll be sued and it will cost him all his money and he’ll bring down others. He should have been satisifed with 6 Tour de France titles, but he got seven and then wanted to come back for more and that is what cost him. He got to damn greedy. No matter what he does he won’t be able to come back to race again.

    But I got an idea for Lance. Start his own bike races. Start his own thing.

  2. Chuck Schick says:

    Hey Phil, why don’t you bring back tiger woods also? I haven’t bought anything nike in probably 20 years, and won’t ever.

  3. Jan Hardy says:

    Just want everybody to know that I support Lance Armstrong and Nike for showing us what positive energy can and will do. Ride on Lance Armstrong. People, don’t be so quick to judge.

  4. I have no problems with Nike supporting Lance Armstrong. Maybe I am too forgiving, but I would like to see Lance Armstrong back on his feet and if Nike can help, God bless them.

  5. Another reason not to buy anything “Nike”. I stopped even before they did not withdraw support of Vick ,the criminal.

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