No one was voted into Baseball Hall of Fame for 2013

Baseball writers saw it fit that no one would be voted into Baseball Hall of Fame for 2013. Craig Biggio was the closest to getting in garnering 388 of the needed 427 votes.

As for the perceived steroids users, Roger Clemens led the way with 214 votes followed by Barry Bonds with 206 votes , Mark McGwire with 96 votes, and Sammy Sosa with 71 votes.

Here is the full vote count:
388,Craig Biggio,68.20%
385,Jack Morris,67.70%
339,Jeff Bagwell,59.60%
329,Mike Piazza,57.80%
297,Tim Raines,52.20%
272,Lee Smith,47.80%
221,Curt Schilling,38.80%
214,Roger Clemens,37.60%
206,Barry Bonds,36.20%
204,Edgar Martinez,35.90%
191,Alan Trammell,33.60%
123,Larry Walker,21.60%
118,Fred McGriff,20.70%
106,Dale Murphy,18.60%
96,Mark McGwire,16.90%
75,Don Mattingly,13.20%
71,Sammy Sosa,12.50%
50,Rafael Palmeiro,8.80%
19,Bernie Williams,3.30%
18,Kenny Lofton,3.20%
16,Sandy Alomar Jr.,2.80%
6,Julio Franco,1.10%
5,David Wells,0.90%
4,Steve Finley,0.70%
2,Shawn Green,0.40%
1,Aaron Sele,0.20%
0,Jeff Cirillo,0.00%
0,Royce Clayton,0.00%
0,Jeff Conine,0.00%
0,Roberto Hernandez,0.00%
0,Ryan Klesko,0.00%
0,Jose Mesa,0.00%
0,Reggie Sanders,0.00%
0,Mike Stanton,0.00%
0,Todd Walker,0.00%
0,Rondell White,0.00%
0,Woody Williams,0.00%

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