No one in the media is qualified to ask Ray Lewis about the 2000 murder case according to Ray Lewis

What was supposed to be a Media Day full of inspirational tales from Ray Lewis, has quickly morphed into a Media Day full of questions about SI’s deer antler story (which we may or not get to) and the circumstances surrounding his murder case from 2000.

Lewis has denied using deer antler, but according to Pro Football Talk, he’s been more defiant about the murder case. And by defiant we mean, he thinks no one currently assembled at Media Day is qualified to ask him about it. And he said as much.

“Nobody here is really qualified to ask those questions,” Lewis said. “I just truly feel that this is God’s time, and whatever his time is, you know, let it be his will. Don’t try to please everybody with your words, try to make everybody’s story sound right. At this time, I would rather direct my questions in other places. Because I live with that every day. You maybe can take a break from it. I don’t. I live with it every day of my life and I would rather not talk about it today.”

“No comment” or “next question” would’ve gone over a little better, Ray.

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