Kobe Bryant wants his teammates to help him get easier shots

The Lakers’ latest attempt to turn their season around involves Kobe Bryant guarding every opponent’s best perimeter player night in and night out. That sounds doable for a 25 year-old Kobe Bryant. But Bryant isn’t 25 anymore; he’s 34. Not being able to rest of defense will quickly take its toll on Bryant. Which means that his play on the offensive end could be affected. And we all know the last thing Kobe Bryant wants to do is dial back his offensive game.

So Bryant has requested that his teammates help him get easier shots in games.

“If (guarding the opposing team’s offensive threat) is going to be something that I’m going to have to do for a while, I’m going to need my teammates’ help to free up offensively,” Bryant said. “Like we did in the fourth quarter — create some picks for me, create some easy shots. That’s going to be tough for me to guard the top guy and come down the other end and have to go one-on-one every play. So, I’m going to need some help.”

Here’s an easy remedy for that, don’t go one-on-one every play. But please continue, Kobe.

“I need some help offensively to save energy and not have to isolate and do things like that,” Bryant said. “I’m going to need some picks. I’m going to need to catch-and-shoot like I did in the fourth quarter a little bit to make my job a little easier. I think the first three quarters of me just standing around the perimeter, the defense is praying for that. We have to do some things to free me up and get me in open spaces, this way I can be more active on the defensive end of the floor.”

Even at 34 and 16 years in the league, Bryant seemingly still hasn’t learned how to utilize his teammates. And it’s not like he’s running with a team of scrubs. There are two All Stars on his team.

Steve Nash is already on record calling Dwight Howard the anchor of the Lakers, it’s clear that Kobe Bryant disagrees.

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  1. Kobe asking his teammates to get him more shots is like Donald Trump asking some Katrina kids to build him a mansion.

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