Jerry Jones says Cowboys are in for ‘uncomfortable’ offseason

Dallas Cowboys owner and GM for life, Jerry Jones has finally seen enough after seeing his Cowboys finish the season 8-8 and miss the playoffs. And since his owner and GM for life, it’s his job to do whatever he can to help the Cowboys finally win more than eight games. Something they haven’t been able to do in the past two seasons.

So when speaking with Jasmine Sadry of KRLD-FM, Jones vowed that changes are on the horizon in Dallas. And even went as far to say that the offseason will be “uncomfortable” for those in the organization.

Will those changes include ditching defensive coordinator Rob Ryan or stripping away the play calling duties from Jason Garrett? Jones gives a pretty good indication on where he’s leaning.

But for you Cowboys fans out there that want to rid the franchise of Tony Romo, Jones has some bad news for you.

Should be a rather entertaining offseason in Dallas.

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  1. Chuck Schick says:

    Hey GM Jerry, look in the mirror, there’s your problem.

  2. Captainamerica12 says:

    We’ve heard it all before Jerry. This is year 17 that this team hasn’t been to a SB. If the fans had a brain in their heads they would boycott this team in 2013. Nothing is ever going to change if Jerry can get away with putting this piece of garbage on the field and calling it a football team. Garrett is ridicious, the defense is pathetic and the GM is a delusional and living in 1993. Just after the game he should be taking offers from team wanting to trade for Romo. At the same time, type up Garrett and Ryan’s walking papers.

    • I have a better idea. Let Jason Garrett coach. Fire Jones as the head coach.

    • This starts at the TOP! Jerry Jones, you are the owner, you should not be the GM. You want to win? Get a GM and offensive coordinator, restucture the offensive line, they are all 2nd rate. People blame TR, he is the only consistant player on the offence besides Jason Witten. Dez is comming along. We can not get rid of Jason Garrett, He will grow into a great coach. We need depth on defense, Rob Ryan can teach them and he has, the players need to execute. And stop comparing them to the Cowboys of the 1990’s, there have been very few teams in history who were that great.

  3. cowboyyankee says:

    Jason Garrett: Great guy, Smart guy, will probably be great head coach some day. All the great ones (except Tom L) were fired before they became great. Keep him here and let him become great in Dallas. Rob Ryan: I get so sick of hearing of defensive genius when I see slot recievers not even covered before the snap and “NFL” players watching the other team run by them with little or no effort to tackle or tackling with their head down and throwing a shoulder as the runner travels another 10, 20, 40, or Touch Down. Injuries? All teams deal with them. Life time cowboy fan since 1965. Effort is emabarassing. We need players giving 100%, not just collecting paycheck. Romo. Great QB with some bad choices at key moments. Without him we would have been 4-12 and using 2nd or 3rd sting like Philly. Seemed everytime the offense scored in key times, the D allows the other team to score in next drive. Makes a QB think he needs to do more than he should.

    • Sneakerhead2320 says:

      So Romo is Great & you’d be 4-12 without him? Well you’ve been 8-8 with him.. So whether you’re 4-12 or 8-8 you’re in the same position……Watching the Playoffs

      • great point sneakerhead as a Cowboys fan myself I have to agree. It seems the Cowboys do just enough every year to stay at status quo. I would rather see this team have a horrible season and get a top draft pick to trade with or draft a future franchise qb. I’m not sure I see the upside of sticking with Romo. He’s a good guy and can have good games but he has consistently shrunk in the big games. I’ve seen enough of him and for better or worse I hope Jerry has too, but I doubt it…Tony brings all the golfers out to Cowboys Ranch.

  4. what jerry jones needs to get rid of is jerry jones and maybe he can take romo with him.

  5. Pompano Mike says:

    It is time for Jerry to bring in a GM who can evaluate talent, and a offensive coordinator,
    if you keep Garrett this should improve the Cowboy chances if not then Jerry has no real intrest in the Dallas Cowboys except being the owner and the FOOL.

    • Sneakerhead2320 says:

      Actually Daddy Jerry does have one more interest… How many panties the Victoria Secret sells in section 121 at Jerry World!!!

  6. Why should the offseason be any less uncomfortable than the regular season? I can deal with the team being beat by the other teams. What I can’t stand is the Cowboys beating themselves. The apparent lack of discipline and the absence of any ‘heart’ in the players is killing this team’s chances of being great. Romo has the potential to be a great QB, but he doesn’t have that eye of the tiger attitude. Everytime I see him play, winning or losing, his expression is pretty much the same…content. Content that he’s making millions and has made it as far as he has ever wanted to go, to be the Dallas QB, and content to go no further. Now I could be wrong, and he’s holding his ambitions and emotions inside, but that does nothing to inspire the rest of the team to greatness. The team needs a leader that will push them to better themselves and Romo hasn’t been doing that. It doesn’t have to be the QB that leads them, but it should be. Likewise. the defense needs that leader that inspires the others, and kicks the asses of those that aren’t cutting the mustard. Yes, much of this is due to the coaching staff, and Jerry needs to get either a new GM, or at least an assistant GM who can guide his decisions towards victory. Jerry has managed to get great players together, but any chemist knows that simply pouring vials of ingredients into a beaker won’t guarantee you’ll make anything of value. My final comment on Romo is that he needs to work on better decision making in the game. He needs to know when to throw it and when to hold it. All 3 of the interceptions were mostly his fault. And then there was a 14 yard sack he took when he was out of the pocket. Throw it away. Hell, even intentional grounding would have saved them yards that he gave up. It might not be a bad idea to bring in a backup QB that not only can throw, but who can scramble and rotate him with Romo or even pull a dual QB offense. As it is, teams know that Romo is not a scrambler, the offense telegraphs its runs, there is very little play action, and any pressure on Romo forces him into bad decisions. All that being said about the offense, the defense needs to stop leaving receivers so wide open that practically any drunken fool could hit in 1 out 10 passes. And tackling? The boys need to go deep in the heart of Texas, conveniently where they are, and chase some greased pigs and learn how to tackle. Hell Jerry should strap their paychecks to those pigs and give them some incentive. That being said, Jerry, I’ll play for the Cowboys and I’ll do just as pisspoor a job as they’ve done and I’ll work for 1 quarter of the lowest paid player and be just as content as Romo to rake in the dough for all my successes and failures.

  7. Steve Gilmore says:

    Jones is, has and will always be the problem in Dallas. He has an ego bigger than the state and the common sense of Rhode Island. You are an arrogant and foolish man Jones. You can fire all that you want but until you take yourself out of the mix for day to day operations, this team will be as pathetic as it is year over year. Being rich doesn’t give you the right to give substandard entertainment to paying fans.

  8. Jerry J. Needs to back off and let the team work things out it takes 2 to 3 years to get things there!

  9. Frankie4life says:

    I have been a Cowboys fan since 1971 and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I do believe the injuries at key positions really hurt us this year. I also agree with many of you that Jerry Jones hurts the team more then he helps it. He is the owner and has the right to do what he wants with the team but I wish he would take the feelings the fans into consideration and do what is best for the team. I think Jerry is a huge fan and knows more about football then most of us fans because he is in a position to do so. However, I am sure that bringing in a real football GM would help the team a great deal. Jason Garrett isn’t the right choice for Head Coach at this stage. Rob Ryan is a joke as a DC and must go. I think Tony Romo can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl Championship but he has to have the right Offensive Coordinator and a Defense that can stop the other team from scoring once in awhile. Please Jerry do us fan’s a huge favor and get a football GM and show us how smart you really are by knowing when it’s time to step aside. Wouldn’t you rather have a Championship contender every year rather then an 8 – 8 team none playoff team? I know us fans would! Us fans are not idiots! Show us some respect and honor our wishes. We promise not to say “We told you so” when the Cowboys return to being America’s Team again.

  10. Denis Berens says:

    No don’t get ride of Tony he is making me a lot of money.
    Jerry needs to give him a raise and a contract extension.
    I was a Cowboy fan until he fired Jimmy and said anyone could manage his team. Just how many SB has he won since he fired Jimmy 1 maybe 2. The team has no discipline and no work ethic. They take their millions and go party.

  11. Jerry Ojeda says:


  12. Jerry Ojeda says:

    “i nearly vomit every time i see him on tv or his picture, and my mute button works well! all he has done is milk and bleed texans out of everything he can, and then do it some more! i have been incredibly entertained by reading all of these comments from people that feel the same way i do! sell the team or get back in your owners box and shut up!” I LOVE IT111 Exactly my sentiments…as I’m POSOTIVE millions of fans afeel & agree

  13. including a new GM?!

  14. I thought Jerry Jones was dead

  15. Cowboys fans will be stuck with a mediocore team until that team is ran by football people. Jerry is great at making money but that is all he should be working on. He knows the cowboy fans will keep showing up and keep buying Romo jerseys and he can play football GM as long as he wants.

  16. Tim Murphy says:

    I have the perfect solution and it only requires one move.
    As a Cowboy fan since Dandy Don…please….SELL THE FRANCHISE to someone who isn’t a freakin’ egocentric know-it-all!

    • Bob McClurg says:

      Boy, old Jerry’s gotta be gettin’ a old fashioned case of “Texas Redass” after reading the above comments, and i agree with each, and everyone of them, Must be nice to be so rich you can afford to manipulate a professional football team like a Parchese game!

  17. William Sadler says:


  18. Gary Frazier says:

    I lived right down Loop-12, from Texas Stadium, when Jones purchased the Cowboys and very disrespectfully dumped Tom Landy.
    So, if you ask me, the BEST change this bum could provide for the team is to drop dead!

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