Florida State linebacker Vince Williams on Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch: ‘He’s terrible’

Despite a less than dominating performance, Florida State defeated Northern Illinois 31-10 in the Discover Orange Bowl on Tuesday night. Though the Noles’ performance was frustrating for most Noles fans, a win is a win. And that fact was enough for FSU linebacker Vince Williams to rip up Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch for his comments leading up to the game.

Before Tuesday night’s game, Lynch spoke to the Sporting News about the FSU defense saying, “They’re fast, they’re physical, but they haven’t seen anything like our offense.”

FSU remained mum on the comments leading up to the game, but once the final whistle had blown, linebacker Vince Williams unloaded on Lynch.

“He’s terrible,” Williams said. “I can’t believe they tried us like that. They tried our life, man. … He’s not good at all.”

“It motivated us a lot,” Williams said. “That was straight-up bulletin board material. First of all because of how much success our defense had. We’ve been really, really good and nobody’s ever said anything like that to us. So we were like, ‘this man must have lost his mind.'”

“What did he do that was good?” Williams continued to rail, his voice rising in pace, pitch and volume. “He didn’t do nothing that was good, we were killing him.”

“That touched me, that hurt,” Williams said. “This is my defense. This is me. That’s me out there. He tried our lives, man.”

Note to Jordan Lynch: Don’t try the lives of defensive players anymore.

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