ESPN Radio host Bob Valvano rips ESPN for downplaying Louisville’s win over Florida

Bob Valvano mans the 12:00-3:00 shift on ESPN 680 in Louisville. Today, Valvano used about 40 minutes of his show to voice his frustration with ESPN giving every excuse they could for SEC big boy Florida losing to Big East little boy Louisville.

During his rant, Valvano cites Kirk Herstreet explaining Florida’s loss by saying, “this is what happens when one team is excited to play and the other is not excited to play.” And he also goes after Mike Greenberg’s assertion that if the two teams had played in November, Florida would have win.

But things get really interesting when the subject turns to ESPN not caring about the bowl games themselves, and only caring about the money that is generated from them. And of course, that whole “ESPN has a vested interest in the SEC” point is brought up.

Here’s the full rant:

[ESPN 680]

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