Donovan McNabb thinks it would be ‘a bad move’ for the Eagles to hire Chip Kelly

The last time we heard from Donovan McNabb, he was attempting to rain of the Redskins’ RGIII parade. At the time, McNabb argued on ESPN’s First Take that having Mike Shanahan as his coach was a bad fit for RGIII.

Obviously he was wrong, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving his opinion on the Eagles’ pursuit of Oregon coach Chip Kelly. And in short, McNabb thinks that hiring Kelly would be a bad move for his former team.

The current tour of Eagles brass to interview head-coaching candidates “seems like you’re just grabbing names out of a hat,” the NFL Network analyst said on Comcast SportsNet’s Daily News Live.

It would be “a bad move to bring Chip Kelly here,” he said, referring to the innovative University of Oregon coach, who is also being wooed by the Cleveland Browns.

“I would say the next move now is to move to a defensive-minded coach,” McNabb said. “Have someone come in here and get these guys disciplined, understanding what they have to do, being gap sound, being in the right position at all times, and then bring in an offensive guru, someone who can run the offense and run it effectively.”

So you know what this means right? The Eagles should hire Chip Kelly pronto and win multiple Super Bowls. Because anything that McNabb suggests will obviously end up being wrong.

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