Despite Capital One Bowl loss to Georgia, Taylor Martinez thinks that Big Ten defenses are better than SEC defenses

This is the second story today of a college player giving his unfavorable opinion on their opponent in their bowl game. Earlier FSU linebacker Vince Williams had some rather not so nice things to say Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch. And now, Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez has something he wants to get off his chest about the University of Georgia as well as the SEC.

The difference between the two though is at least Williams has a win to back up his comments. Martinez doesn’t. But that didn’t stop him from giving his two cents about who has the better defenses and talent between the Big Ten and the SEC.

“I think the Big Ten, talent-wise, is a lot better, and the defenses in the Big Ten are better than SEC defenses,” he said. “This was supposed to be one of the top defenses in the SEC, and we pretty much did anything we wanted against them.”

Anything but win, of course. And though Nebraska ran up 443 yards, when crunch time came in the 2nd half, Georgia clamped down and the game was over.

As for Taylor’s claim, we’re sure many people disagree vehemently.

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  1. George Kaplan says:

    To which, I’m sure the Georgia Bulldogs’ defense responds to Taylor Martinez by saying:


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