Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is trying to use the threat of Los Angeles to get his new stadium

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants a new stadium. A new, very expensive stadium. One that the Atlanta community is having a hard time getting behind.

This has left Arthur Blank scrambling for ways to convince the city that spending $1 billion for his new retractable-roof stadium. At this point, nothing he’s tried, including Roger Goodell explaining the need for a new stadium, has worked. So he has decided that it’s time to use his ultimate trump card: Los Angeles.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is warning city council members about business interests in Los Angeles who want to move the Falcons to the west coast.

Team owner Arthur Blank shared that information with top city and state officials in their discussions about financing a new stadium in downtown Atlanta. Two council members who met with Mayor Kasim Reed told FOX 5’s Morse Diggs about private discussions the mayor hosted at City Hall.

Reed called in council members one at a time to tell them that the city needs to take a more aggressive lead in the public financing portion of the proposed open air stadium.

Threatening to move the franchise to Los Angeles seems to be the go-to move for NFL owners. Need a new stadium? LA wants us. People not buying tickets? We’re moving to LA. Not making enough money, LA here we come.

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  1. Smitty!!! says:

    Really, bye!!!!

    • Donna Jennings says:

      Love the Falcons. Tons of potential. In this economy they want to us to invest in a billion dollar stadium when the one they have is in great shape – at least as far as the average fan is concerned. This does not appear to be a need, but a want. How grateful is Mr. Blank for Atlanta fans that have been so supportive? Where is the love for us? Sadly, your memory of our loyalty is so short. So, like a spiteful child, if you do not get your way you’ll take “your” proverbial marbles and leave…..then go.

  2. Jim Peterson says:

    City’s need to start taxing any sports team $250 million dollars a year as soon as they say they want a new stadium paid for by the public! That will shut them up and give them the $ to build the stadium for the new team.

  3. Newsflash…you lost your leverage during the 2nd half of the NFC Championship Game.

  4. Tony Geinzer says:

    Arthur Blank has a Heart of Gold Made of Steel and hopes his fans are sweeter than sugar. Sadly, Mr. Blank is having to deal with SOUR fans cleverly disguised as Sour Green Apple Licorice.

  5. Do they need any help in PACKING – I think they should GO GO and keep GOING

    • knowsbetter says:

      I agree I hate the Dirty Birds and Mr. Perfecto Ryan Quarterback. Let them go and don’t look back……………. dirty birds…………………. yuk.

  6. Only the Rams are going to LA. The fan base is already established and STL has lost it’s economic base to support a team right now.

  7. Blank wanted to move the stadium north of the city of Atlanta (Doraville area). If you’ve ever been to a Falcons game you know that the parking and traffic situations are terrible. This move would make a lot of sense: closer to Flowery Branch practice facilities, better potential stadium parking, MARTA supported, better access from more major roadways (I-85, 285, 400, I-75). But this will never happen solely because of self-serving political influence from the city government. The powers-that-be are playing hardball with Blank so I don’t blame him for retaliating.

  8. Otto deFay says:

    Los Angeles has gone almost 20 seasons with USC as the only professional football team in town and the fans aren’t clamoring for an NFL team to move in. The Georgia Dome is not that old and works very well. If Blank wants a new facility, he should open his checkbook and pay for ut 100% himself without the taxpayers supporting him.

    • Atlanta Fulton County Stadium (1965-96 = 31 years), The Omni Coliseum (1972-97 = 25 years), The Georgia Dome (1992-2013 = 21 years). It’s older than one may think. And in this lack-luster economy, we need all the jobs we can get (3-4 years of employment).

  9. build a bigger, better playing field for a bunch of loser, That makes a lot of dollars and cents. Is blank related to Obama?

  10. knowsbetter says:

    I hate the dirty birds, and Mr. Perfecto Quarterback Ryan……… he has los it nothing to him anymore, move to the West Coast and you will be that much farther away from New Orleans.

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