After two playoff wins, Joe Flacco’s agent reiterates that Flacco is a ‘top-five, elite quaterback’

Joe Flacco’s agent Joe Linta started the debate over whether or not Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback last February when he publicly stated that Joe was indeed elite. Of course, Flacco was knee deep in contract negotiations at the time, so Linta was just trying to get his client the best deal possible.

The fallout from Linta’s comments started a firestorm where Flacco ended up taking things to another level by stating that he is the best quarterback in the league. Which prompted many to make the case that he was not an elite quarterback.

Then, things went quiet in the Flacco camp. No more talk over Flacco’s contract negotiations and no more talk about being elite.

But now that Flacco has led the Ravens to the AFC Championship and has beat both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, Joe Linta is ready to talk elite quarterbacks again. And unsurprisingly, he still believes that Flacco is among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

I’ve been the one putting him on a pedestal saying Joe’s a top-five, elite quarterback, and he’s proving it,” agent Joe Linta told The Baltimore Sun today. “He’s in the rarified air of having already won seven playoff games in his short career. He’s really demonstrating that he’s one of the top guys out there.”

We understand that Linta is just “doing his job”, but just cool it with the elite talk. If Flacco continues to play well, makes it to the Super Bowl or even wins it, the contract will take care of itself.

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