92 fans ejected, 29 arrested during 49ers-Packers game

It seems that there was not only action on the field during Saturday night’s 49ers-Packers Divisional round game in San Francisco, there was also action in the stands and outside the stadium.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, 92 fans had to be ejected from the game for various reasons. 25 fans had to be arrested for public intoxication. Two individuals were arrested for an auto burglary outside of the stadium. And finally two more people were arrested for driving under the influence.

Safe to say that 49ers showed up to the game the way Chad Greenway likes fans to show to games.

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  1. During the 80′ and 90’s fans at the ‘Stick were classy and well behaved. But this new generation of fans that started getting tickets during the down years of the early 2000’s are a bunch of hooligans. The Raider fans in the Bay Area have the bad rep but I think the new generation of 49er fans are worse. We have had shootings, stabbings, and a lot more fights at the games. Hopefully the cost of tickets at the new stadium will weed out these low lifes and return the 49er Faithful back to the classy group they were in the past.

  2. Will-Mitch says:

    California has the worst sporting events and fans in the United States. San Fran to Oakland to LA, give me a decent venue to go to where safety is not your #1 issue. It is sad when your team is known more for your idiot fans than the entertainment on the field.

  3. Damien Stevens says:

    92 ejected, 29 arrested 62 hurt at Packers vs 49ers game,

    I am a packer fan and took my 5 year old son to this game. Classless 49er fans. What would make a fan harrass a 5 year old at a football game?

    Would never happen at Lambeau

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