Tim Tebow will reportedly ask to be traded or released after the season

Things didn’t go as planned for Tim Tebow in New York this season. He joined the Jets optimistic that he would beat out Mark Sanchez to become the Jets starter. We even had him taking over for Sanchez after week 7. But none of those things ever materialized. And it all has culminated with Rex Ryan choosing to go with Greg McElroy in the final two games instead of Tebow.

So now that Ryan has made his choice, the NY Daily News is reporting that Tebow has made his. And his choice is to be either traded or released at the end of the season.

The Daily News has learned that Tebow, who captivated the NFL last season with his miracle playoff run in Denver, will request to be traded or released after the season assuming that McElroy starts the final two games. Tebow’s desire to part ways with a franchise that never gave him a chance came to a head after McElroy, who has seven career passes on his NFL resume, leapfrogged him, according to a source.

On top of the Daily News’ report, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports adds that Tebow feels that the Jets misled him. At any rate, it’s safe to say that the Jets handled this whole thing horribly. From choosing to trade from him to choosing not to play him, the whole thing is a debacle.

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