Rex Ryan thinks his future isn’t tied to Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan is wrong

In the NFL, quarterback play determines if a coach ultimately keeps his job. It’s a simple concept that most understand. If the quarterback plays well, the team has a better chance to win and the coach has a better chance to keep him job. In contrast, if the quarterback plays poorly, the team’s chances of winning are dramatically reduced and the coach’s job quickly begins to be in jeopardy.

But for some odd reason Rex Ryan doesn’t either understand this concept or doesn’t believe it. Because he seems to think that his future is not tied to whether or not Mark Sanchez continues to stink up the joint.

“Obviously we need to win,” Ryan said on Thursday. “This is a big decision. (A big factor) in determining wins and losses is the play of your quarterback a lot of times. But no, I don’t feel that my future’s tied in with how we do things (with the quarterback).”

“Obviously, this is a win business and I know that,” Ryan added. “As Brian Billick told me the other day, there’s been 111 head coaches that have come and gone over the last 10 years. So it’s probably not the most job secure thing. But one thing I can (do to) affect the job security is by winning. That’s what everybody wants. Our fans want (it). That’s what Woody (Johnson) wants. That’s what we all want. Obviously, that’s what I want.”

“There’s two places you can lose a game fastest in this league – quarterback and cornerback,” Ryan said. “I have confidence in Mark. I’m 100 percent confident in my decision. So I believe I got this decision right.”

You better hope you got the decision right, Rex. Because if you didn’t, and everyone knows you didn’t, then you may be staring at a pink slip at season’s end.

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  1. it also seems the writer ,like rex,completely ignore the well known fact thet rex is unwilling or unable to scheme an offense,furthermore,is very fortunate to have mark as fall guy for lame play calling and a former gm that has no football iq,and could not recognise that rex is a offensively play calling mental midget,am i the only one who noticed rex didn’t get any receivers worth shhhht.the monkey at la zoo have better organized offensive shit fights than rexs’schemes on offences. it also appears as thou he writs the questions for reporters to ask him,cause they all kiss his ass,and none of them point or ask about mark not making any tackles to stop the other team from running over a 100 yard every game and getting lit on dee,am sure its marks fault they cant cover anyone,i thick mark forgot how to play the position that rex has no respect or acknowledgment of the hood has better offence street football level than rex,lucky for him jets fan is also clueless aabout x’s n o’s

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