Police were called after Franco Harris confronted NCAA President Mark Emmert

Penn State great Franco Harris isn’t done defending his former coach Joe Paterno. From the outset of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Harris has been steadfast in his belief that Paterno should not have been held accountable for the actions of Sandusky over many years. Harris has continually questioned the Paterno’s firing and the removal of the Paterno statute outside of Beaver Stadium.

On Thursday, Harris continued his defense of Paterno by traveling to Los Angeles to attend an event where NCAA President Mark Emmert was speaking to confront Emmert about the Penn State sanctions.

Harris, along with filmmaker John Ziegler attempted to ask Emmert a series of questions while filming the encounter. They were asked to stop filming and when they refuse, police were called.

Former Steeler and Penn State running back Franco Harris and documentarian John Ziegler attended a Los Angeles event today to ask NCAA president Mark Emmert a question about the Penn State sanctions, and the police were called after Ziegler and others with him refused to stop recording with a handheld camera.

The watch commander for the Rampart Community Police of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed officers from his department visited the site, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, to respond to a disturbance and that no one was arrested.

The watch commander said the police were called after the Chamber of Commerce asked Ziegler and others with him to stop recording the event. Ziegler said he was told in advance he could bring handheld cameras. He said four people had cameras and that Harris didn’t.

A Chamber of Commerce web page said Emmert was to speak on the NCAA’s efforts to embrace academics and to protect and sustain the collegiate student-athlete model. During the question and answer portion of the event, Ziegler said Harris asked Emmert a question about Penn State, along the lines of “why Joe Paterno didn’t get any due process.” Ziegler said he was asked to stop recording by NCAA representatives after Harris asked that question.

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  1. Myself I just can’t believe that Paterno knew that little boys were being banged in the shower. The guy that witnessed it should have called the cops no doubt at all.
    I mean I just can’t believe that someone who was a coach of a football team knew what was going on. It just makes no sense.

  2. But if you even think this was bad you just got to Google: Russian porn snuff films found and ask yourself why nobody made a big deal about little babies being raped and murdered and people ordering the tapes? You know why because they were the ones that rule.

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