Caroline Wozniacki is being accused of racism for her playful impression of Serena Williams

Caroline Wozniacki did a rather harmless and playful imitation of Serena Williams during a recent exhibition match against Maria Sharapova in Brazil. Wozniacki stuffed her shirt and skirt with towels to replicate the curves of Williams’ body.

The crowd enjoyed it. Wozniacki enjoyed it. No big deal, right? Besides, Wozniacki and Williams are friends. And most importantly, it was a harmless joke.

But of course, the internet has made it a bigger deal than it should be and scribes have taken to their personal outlets to accuse Wozniack of racism for her impression of Williams.

One blogger on Tumblr posted: “…this isn’t ‘harmless fun’ as one article described it. its racist. out and outright racism. mocking and making fun of the bodies of black women for a laugh? real funny, stupid white girl. real real funny.”

Another blogger said: “It may have been done in ‘jest,’ but I love how people can can turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. However, we should not have the autonomy to celebrate any successes of our own.”

An article on the website, read: “Given the history and current-day context of racialised standards of beauty, and the hypersexualisation of people of colour, when a white woman makes fun of a black women’s body, especially in a way that hypersexualises her and draws on the stereotype of black women’s big butts, it’s racist.”

Really, people? There are examples of real deal racism floating around all over the place and we choose to be outraged by this? A harmless impression done by a friend?

Let’s use this energy to hunt down real examples of racism.

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  1. I am a white woman, and I do not find what she did funny in any way. Just a joke, who are you kidding? Its racist and certainly not funny.

    • Hi Mary,

      To you and ALL women (in particular), her joke(?) was not funny.

      As a Black Female, descendant of American slaves, I view her actions as NOT race-ist, but B*tchy-ist. She should be fined for unsports(wo)manlike conduct.

      So, what’s the message: when one’s skills as a professional tennis athlete can’t get the job done, resort to childish schoolgirl antics?

      Maria Sharapova defeated Wozniacki winning 6-2, 7-6.

      • Hi Donna,
        I do agree that her antics were unsports(wom)man like but I still feel racist as well. As I am not black, perhaps I am wrong about that, and if I am I apologize. But to me it was not funny, nor cute, nor a joke, so what should it be called? And perhaps this is sour grapes, but I am glad she lost.

        • Hi Mary,

          I NEED to APOLOGIZE to YOU. The first sentence in my comment was poorly worded.

          MANY others have the same opinion as yours.

          Because I have “female” family members and ex-so-called “friends” that have behaved in similar ways, I viewed her actions differently.

          To me, her behavior was catty, b*tchy and unprofessional.

          I agree with the comment about her losing; maybe that makes me petty.

          • No, not petty at all Donna, as I agree with you and I have decided we are not petty. :-))
            I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and to heck with the Wozniacki’s of the world, I’ll take Serena every time, and her sister too! Merry Christmas.

          • Thanks Mary,

            I wish for you a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season.

            Best regards.

  2. I wonder if the author of this article will give us any “real deal racism” that he has “hunted down.”
    I smell a conservative/closet racist. Look, your strategy of furiously trying to minimize racism as a road to eventually claiming nothing is racist, no matter how vile, won’t work. But so keep trying.

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