Andrew Bynum vows to let his hair ‘grow forever, man’

Andrew Bynum spoke to reporters on Monday about his ailing left knee. Most of his time spent with the reporters that had gathered at the Wells Fargo Center prior to the Sixers –Pistons game was run-of-the-mill type questioning.

They asked, when and if he would return. He gave them canned answers like this:

“No, that has never crossed my mind,” Bynum said when asked if he considered not playing this year. “It’s a possibility depending on what my doctor tells me, but I really think I’ll be fine. If my left knee gets better and feels like my right knee, I’ll be playing.”

And this:

“Worst-case scenario, it will be another month,” Bynum said. “Best-case scenario, I can ramp [up the workouts].”

But things quickly got interesting when Bynum was asked about his hair. And it becomes clear that Bynum’s view of his hair is unlike the majority of the world’s view on it.

Bynum says he likens his ‘do to, “A Pimp Named Slickback,” from the Boondocks cartoon.

“I want it to grow forever, man,” Bynum said about his hair. “It’s going to come a point in time where it’s not going to be growing.”

Just take a moment and think about how his hair will look in say April or May………Yeah, that should be a spectacle.

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