Tim Tebow may or may not be dating Camilla Belle

We’re not here to dispel TMZ’s report that Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle are a couple. Because what do we know about these things?

But E! News is surely here to do so. So we’ll turn to their expert opinion on the matter. And that opinion is that Tebow and Bella were part of a larger group that went out for a night of bowling in Jacksonville. And the two were not exactly doing things couples would do.

While it’s true that the duo was spotted out together in Jacksonville, Fla., Tuesday night, the pair was part of a larger group of girls and guys who hit up the city’s Latitude 30 for a night of arcade games and bowling. (Not exactly a candlelit dinner for two.)

And despite reports that the famous pals were acting like a couple, a source denies to E! News that they engaged in any particularly flirty behavior.

That’s a far cry from a NY Post report that says the two were very “affectionate” at the bowling alley and have been a couple since May.

“They were very together and affectionate, until some young fans asked to take Tim’s picture, when Camilla politely stood aside.”

Another source said, “They first met at the Met Ball in May and have been quietly dating since. It’s amazing they’ve been able to keep it so quiet.”


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