Tickets for SEC Championship game start at around $400 while tickets for ACC Championship game start at $4.50

As Florida State grads, it pains us to inform you of just how hot a ticket the SEC Championship game is and how tickets for the ACC Championship game might as well be free. But that’s the college football world we’re living in today. A world where you have to pay a pretty penny just to be in the building for Alabama- Georgia. And conversely, you can just merely round up spare change to see FSU-Georgia Tech.

According to StubHub, it will cost you $366 for an upper end zone seat for the SEC Championship game. Add in shipping & handling and the service fee, and you’re looking at about $400.

As for the ACC Championship game, an upper end zone seat will cost you $4.50. Add in shipping& handling and the service fee, and you’ll be in the building for a little more than $20.00.

Just another reason, if you actually needed one, why the SEC is the king of college football and the ACC is an afterthought.


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