Roger Goodell is up for TIME’s “Person of the Year”, probably won’t win

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TIME Magazine is currently enlisted votes for their “Person of the Year” for 2012. The candidate list is littered with people you’d expect to see: Bill Clinton, Gabby Douglas, Hilary Clinton, Michael Phelps, and President Obama.

But a rather surprising name that made the list is Roger Goodell. Especially when you look back through his 2012. A 2012 that included NFL players criticizing him for his handling of the Saints’ bounty scandal as well as the black eye the league received for using replacement referees.

But despite these issues, TIME did its best to help Goodell’s chances by pointing out that “during his tenure, the NFL’s popularity has grown. League revenue is up 30%, approaching $10 billion”, it probably won’t be enough for Goodell to take home the crown for 2012.

Well actually, as you can see from the current results above, it definitely won’t be enough for Goodell to take home the crown for 2012.

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