Report: There is ‘real doubt’ about Lane Kiffin returning to USC next season

With everything that has gone on at USC this season, it was just a matter of time before rumblings about Lane Kiffin possibly losing job began to surface. It seems like every single week, there has been controversy surrounding the program. Add to the fact that USC has underachieved based on their lofty preseason expectations and you knew someone was going to write that Kiffin’s job could be in jeopardy.

And today, that someone is Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times and he’s written that the future of Lane Kiffin as the head coach at USC is in “real doubt.”

On the field, this team with unbeaten talent is 6-3 while gaining national recognition mostly for reckless penalties and questionable play-calling.

Off the field, Kiffin has dragged the team through an array of distractions and ethics dilemmas that have tarnished the athletic department’s sterling post-probation image cultivated by Athletic Director Pat Haden.

Kiffin was not hired by Haden, and there is now real doubt about his ability to keep his job beyond this season as the department sinks deeper into embarrassment. Kiffin was a Mike Garrett guy, and there are indications that Haden is ready to rid the program of the last traces of that legacy. As always, winning solves everything, and it appears Kiffin is going to have to do plenty of it in these final three regular-season games.
Like, maybe, win all of them?

Uh oh, Kiffin.

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  1. joe hammer says:

    Pat Haden,(Rhodes scholar)Man of integrity!!! will make this move as soon as the bowl game is over and the plane lands at LAX for the players to get back to their homes.Lane maybe some scrub high school job has your name on it but other than that,ohh wait Mike Leach got a job as a coach again

    • Gruden has no real interest in all the politics and added complications involved with a head college job despite media’s persistent belief that he does and will most definitely not replace Kiffin should there be a change.

  2. Stone Love says:

    Al Davis was right about Lane Kiffin… Nuff said. What kind of man commits to college football program and then leaves in the middle of the night like a little bitch when USC comes calling? I’m not a Tenn fan but they got screwed undeservedly. What goes around comes around Lane you little weasel…

    • You wouldn’t exit Tennessee after one year to take over USC (whether him leaving in the middle of the night constitutes him being a “little bitch” or not is a separate topic and beside the point)if given the opportunity, committment or not? You’re not particularly bright then as you’re talking about the difference of a top twenty job and a top five job. A man’s word is his bond you say? lol Whatever, grandpa, welcome to the cold and polarizing social realities of the 21st century. Kiffin has done many things wrong during his head coaching gigs but can largely be forgiven for that in the grand scheme of things to be frank. As far as karma and what comes around going around and all such relative nonsense goes, if Kiffin is struggling to live up to expectations with the talent he has at USC then where would he be right now had he decided to languish in Knoxville with similar expectations and MUCH less talent? Believe what you choose and view it as selfish as you want, the bottom line is he did the right thing presented with the circumstances he had at the time.

    • Just for the record, among many other negative things Al Davis was a Brooklyn-raised Jew who possessed a lifelong fascination of Adolf Hitler, so you might want to set your sights a bit higher in future when attempting to reference someone of quality with particular knowledge about something, moron. Nuff said, huh? lol Idiot!!

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