Poll finds that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is barely more popular than Fidel Castro in South Florida

Marlins fans are predictably angry about the salary dump that owner Jeffrey Loria executed when he traded every good player the Marlins had to the Blue Jays. Their anger is rooted not only in the fact that the Marlins will most likely suck for a good little while, but also because Loria hit up tax payers in funding his new luxurious stadium only to trade away any chance of fielding a winner.

So when Bendixen and Amandi International surveyed 400 South Florida Major League Baseball fans, 90% of which were self-described Marlins fans, about how they felt about Loria and the Marlins organization it’s not surprising that Loria was torn to shreds. And by torn to shreds, we mean that he was found to be barely more popular than Fidel Castro amongst the participants.

A survey of 400 South Florida Major League Baseball fans, 90 percent of them self-described Marlins fans, found that the Marlins organization — Loria, in particular — antagonized and may have permanently alienated a majority of the fan base.

Only 23 of the respondents (6 percent) had a “favorable’’ opinion of Loria, and a third of those were people who said they personally know him. The only public figure who might lose a popularity contest to Loria in South Florida right now is Fidel Castro (who has a favorability rating of rating of about 1 percent, says pollster Fernand Amandi).

A majority of the season-ticket holders surveyed said they would favor a boycott if it led to Loria selling the team.

And if you need specifics as to how much the participates hate Loria, there are these:

  • 87 percent of Marlins fans feel “furious and betrayed’’ by the team ownership.
  • 83 percent of Marlins fans have an “unfavorable’’ opinion of Loria.
  • 61 percent of respondents identifying themselves as season ticket holders would support a boycott next season if that would force Loria to sell the team.
  • 85 percent of Marlins fans feel the trade will benefit the Toronto Blue Jays more than the Marlins
  • 95 percent think the trade was a “fire sale,’’ while only 4 percent think the trade intended to make the team better.
  • 89 percent feel Loria has a moral obligation to field a good team because the new $515 million stadium was built largely with public funds.

And just for good measure, a few scathing quotes from pissed off participates:

“He’s a leech and is sucking the money from Miami and baseball.”

“I hate him. All he cares about is lining his pockets. He just cares about money and not his team or fans. I wouldn’t spend a dime on him!”

“He is a greedy crook, got what he wanted and now is not giving back to us. He should repay the city for the entire cost of the stadium plus interest.”

Is it obvious yet that Jeffrey Loria is persona non grata in Miami?


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  1. The most significant game to boycott will be opening day
    next season, unless he sells the team prior to that which I feel is highly unlikely .

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