Mike Vick reportedly thinks he ready to play and Eagles are holding him out to get a good look at Nick Foles

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports has an interesting report that will add to drama that the Eagles are dealing with these days. According to Freeman, Mike Vick wants to play. And Mike Vick thinks he’s ready to play. But he believes that Eagles are reluctant to play him because they’re trying to see what they have in backup quarterback Nick Foles.

There is a drama being played out in Philadelphia. Then again, there’s always drama in Philly. This time, it has to do with the health of Michael Vick.

Vick, I’m told by a source, believes his concussion symptoms are improving and he’s ready to play. Vick believes he’s being kept on the bench so the team can get a better look at the backup, Nick Foles, a source said.

“Mike knows he’s auditioning for the Eagles now, and for the rest of the NFL if the Eagles let him go at the end of the year,” said one player. “He wants to get in there and play to prove he’s still a good player.”

Vick, players said, is concerned that what happened to 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (Smith hasn’t regained his starting job after suffering a concussion) is happening to him.

It has been reported that Vick has yet to pass a concussion test this week. But with Andy Reid probably on his way out the door, it’s not farfetched to believe that ownership plans to use the next couple of games to make a decision on whether to bring Vick back next season or turn the reigns over to Foles.

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  1. Chuck Schick says:

    Yeah Michael, you’re not a pro-bowl qb. Never were. I don’t blame the eagles for looking at alternatives. Good luck in your next career.

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