Mike Vick isn’t exactly happy about Marcus Vick’s Twitter rant

Mike Vick stepped to the podium during his post game press conference after Monday’s loss to the Saints expecting to only having to field questions about the game. But instead, Vick also had to field questions about Marcus Vick taking to Twitter and asking for a trade out of Philadelphia on his behalf.

And according to Pro Football Talk, Vick was unaware of the comments and didn’t seem all that pleased about them.

“You say he tweeted that during the game? Sorry, I’m not aware of that,” Vick said. “That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here.”

“We out there fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we’ve got,” Vick said. “That’s certainly not the case. Not the case here. I love each and every guy in that locker room and if I can make every play right, I would. I know they would do the same. So that’s certainly not the case.”

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