Michael Jordan banned from Miami Beach country club for wearing cargo pants

It’s widely recognized that Michael Jordan wears whatever Michael Jordan wants to wear. No matter how awful it looks. But now it seems that Jordan’s fashion choices are not only making people point and laugh, they’re also getting him banned from swanky country clubs.

According to the New York Post, Jordan has been banned from La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach because he was wearing cargo shorts on the course. And when asked to change his attire to something that would fall under the club’s rules, Jordan refused and went on with his round of golf.

“Michael was wearing cargo pants on the course,” said a spy. Jordan’s multipocketed pants were apparently against the dress code that, sources say, dictates that members and guests must be attired in a collared shirt and Bermuda shorts. But when 6-foot, 6-inch Jordan was offered a chance to change outfits, he demurred. “He was given the chance to change but he didn’t want to,” a source said. The source added that Jordan, who was enjoying a round at the club with one of its members, played on anyway. The source added that members complained about Jordan breaking the rules and, “He won’t be invited back.”

Jordan reps deny he was wearing cargo shorts that day and he has worn them in past and no one complained.

Ah, rich people problems.

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