Marcus Vick takes to Twitter to ask for a trade on behalf of Mike Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles’ opening drive against the Saints Monday Night saw Mike Vick get sacked 3 consecutive times. And while most were wondering what was going on with the Eagles’ offensive line, Vick’s brother Marcus was publicly announcing that “we”, as in he and Mike, were “requesting out of Philly”.

But that’s not all, the younger Vick also took the time to criticize the Eagles’ offensive line and even went as far as to say that “This not even an NFL type of O-line.”

Vick decides pause his criticisms once Eagles running back Brice Brown breaks a 40 yard gain that put the Eagles in scoring position, but does note that the offensive line just opened the best hole all year.

But unfortunately, the older Vick had a pass tipped and intercepted that was returned for a touchdown by Saints corner back Patrick Robinson. And by then, the younger Vick had seen enough.

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