Kobe Bryant is “not a very happy camper” after the Lakers’ 0-2 start

We’re only two games into the NBA season so obviously it’s early. And though Mark Cuban hopes that the Lakers will suck, odds are they won’t. But that doesn’t stop Lakers naysayers from pointing at losses to the Mavs and the Blazers to open the season.

And it also doesn’t stop Kobe Bryant from being upset about their 0-2 start.

“It’s going to be a little edgy because I’m not a very happy camper around here right now,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said, setting the tone for what the atmosphere around the team is going to be in the coming days. “Some things we have to shore up, and we gotta make sure we keep a sense of urgency.”

Again, it’s early. So there’s no need to panic, Lakers fans.

At least not yet.

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  1. Maybe it’s this “not-a-happy-camper” attitude that has kept the Lakers down despite having such a talented team. Kobe gets grumpier with each passing season. Maybe he is unhappy in his troubled marriage. Maybe he is having a hard time dealing with his declining talent. Maybe he has just been in the spotlight for too long and he’s tired of it. Maybe it’s a little of everything. But he needs to either shut up and play, or get out of the game. I have a theory that Kobe sees the snarky, grumpy attitude that Michael Jordan has in interviews and always wanting to emulate MJ even though he won’t admit it, he cops that same attitude. There is a difference though Kobe… MJ is retired and defends the legacy of his career with that attitude. You can still get out there and PLAY!

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