Jon Gruden is said to be quietly attempting to build a staff for possible return to coaching

The” Jon Gruden is returning to coaching” story made its rounds on yesterday and now it’s really beginning to pick up steam. The originator of it all was WIP’s Howard Eskin, who tweeted that Gruden could be the Eagles next head coach. That’s assuming, as most are, that Andy Reid gets canned.

Eskin doubled down on statement earlier today on the WIP Morning Show where he said that he’s heard that Gruden, “definitely, positively, wants to coach again. He’s got the itch.”

And now Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is adding even more fuel to the fire with his report that Gruden is quietly putting out feelers around the league in attempt to assemble a coaching staff.

Sources around the sport, including several assistant coaches, say Gruden has been quietly asking some NFL assistants, hypothetically, that if he did come back, would they be interested in joining him.

Again, Gruden will likely deny this, but there’s no question he’s been probing people he knows in football if they’d be interested in joining his staff should he return next year.

It’s unclear if Gruden is planning a college or NFL return but since, for the moment, it seems he’s asking NFL assistants about their interest, the pros are his likely destination.

The way sources portray the situation is that Gruden wants to be ready if and when teams begin to ask about his availability. If the right situation is available, these sources say, Gruden will have a skeleton staff ready and can move quickly. If the right situation does not appear, he’d simply stay at ESPN until it did.

Gruden back?

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