Jerry Jones couldn’t get into the Cowboys’ locker room after loss to the Falcons

Following last night’s loss to the Falcons, which dropped the Cowboys’ record to 3-5, owner Jerry Jones headed to the locker room to participate in the postmortem as he usually does. But this particular time was different. Mainly because apparently the locker room was locked.

And even though he pounded and pounded on the door, no one would let him in according to Matt Barrie of NBC 5 in Dallas.

So let’s add this up: The Cowboys are poised to miss the playoffs AND Jerry Jones is being locked out of the locker room of the team HE pays the salaries for?

Yeah, some people are about to lose their jobs.


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  1. Pretty sure he didn’t pay for the visiting locker room in Atlanta…

  2. Jerry, please go away and never come back. Even though I am not a Cowboys fan, I feel sorry for them because they have an arrogant idiot like you running the team. Get your ass off the sideline and away from those players.

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