Jeremy Roenick wants to fight a Twitter follower for charity, but needs legal advice before doing so

We’ve seen a sports personality challenge Twitter followers to a fight before. But NBC Sports NHL analyst Jeremy Roenick is going about things a little differently.

Instead of just threatening to meet up with a follower and just throw hands, he wants to set up a charity function on Tuesday in Toronto to raise money while he and the follower throws hands.

But before all that happens, Roenick needs legal advice on what he can do to make sure he won’t be sued by the follower. So of course, he put out the call on Twitter for legal and his call is answered.

From there, Roenick’s Twitter based counsel questions why Roenick would even be wasting his time with such a thing. But after realizing that Roenick wasn’t dropping it, the Bay Street lawyer goes ahead and gives Roenick his options for protecting himself.

And now, Jeremy Roenick knows how to protect himself when he wants to fight his Twitter followers for charity.

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