Former Colorado coach Bill McCartney: Jon Embree wasn’t given more time at Colorado because he’s black

The firing of football coach Jon Embree is slowly becoming a PR nightmare for the University of Colorado. The school believed that they would just fire their second year coach after he amassed a two-year record of 4-21 and quietly move on to their new coach. But the firing has been anything other than quiet for the university.

Things began to head south for the university when an emotional Embree showed up for his farewell press conference. With many of his players in attendance in support of Embree, the coach blasted the university for their quick trigger in firing him. And when asked what his firing meant for black coaches, Embree responded, “We don’t get second chances.”

Adding to Colorado’s PR issues, former Colorado coach Bill McCartney also recently criticized the university for firing Embree. In an interview on ESPN 102.3 FM McCartney explained that he believed that Embree wasn’t given more time because he’s black.

“Honestly, I believe it’s because I’m Caucasian. I believe black men have less opportunity, shorter time if you will,” McCartney said. “It’s just like, Dan Hawkins got five full years. Why not give Jon Embree five years? You signed him to a five-year contract.

“Men of color have a more difficult road to tread. It didn’t happen to me. Why should it happen to a black man?”

McCartney also criticized university chancellor Phil DiStefano.

“I heard the chancellor said it didn’t matter what color Jon was. I think that offends every person of color out there,” McCartney said. “This guy can match wits with any white guy out there. He’s the real deal.”

McCartney also went on to speculate how the firing would play with black recruits.

“You can’t go get the black athlete, not after you completely compromised your integrity with this guy (Embree),” he said.

This looks to be getting ugly pretty fast.

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  1. Crymeariver says:

    Is a 4-21 record a better recruiting tool than trying to create successful coaches under a five year paid study program ? It’s one thing to cross a bridge then burn it but entirely another to try to burn the land behind it too.

  2. Auburn’s former coach Gene Chizik would probably still have his job if he was white. I mean come on, the guy won a national championship in 2010 – only two years ago! What? He is white. Then he must be gay. Auburn’s former coach Gene Chizik would probably still have his job if he was heterosexual.

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