David Lee tells Blake Griffin to stop flopping

On one hand, we have seen Blake Griffin take some pretty hard fouls. But on the other, Griffin is known to embellish every now and then when there is a little contact.

So when David Lee gave Griffin a shove during Saturday’s Warriors-Clippers game, Griffin embellished on the contact a little and Lee responded by shouting, “stop flopping!”

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  1. ding sterman says:

    Lee had to say that to hide his intentional shoving of Griffin that happened right in front of the stupid referee but did not bother to call a foul. The anti-flopping law in the NBA is the league’s way to exact more money from the players. After that law, what is next? Anti-staring maybe or being fined for not smiling after being called for a foul that you did not commit. It is infinite as far as what the NBA can think of to get more money. Money money money. The love for money is the root of all evils – no wonder there are so much evil in the NBA.

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