Charles Barkley is reportedly ‘pushing hard’ for Bobby Petrino to be hired as Auburn’s next coach

Former Auburn star Charles Barkley doesn’t shy away from doing everything in his power to make sure that Auburn University is competing at the highest level. Just as a reminder of Barkley’s concern for Auburn athletics, we point you to the time when he basically admitted that he tried to illegally recruit Dirk Nowitzki to play at Auburn.

With that in mind, a report from Christina Chambers of NBC 38 in Alabama that Barkley is “pushing hard” for Auburn to look beyond Bobby Petrino’s baggage and hire the coach to replace the recently fired Gene Chizik.

NBC 38’s Christina Chambers spoke with Sir Charles Barkley Tuesday. He’s pushing hard for Petrino. Barkley was against the hiring of Chizik from the beginning throwing his weight behind Turner Gill to be the next head coach, but says this time, Auburn needs to get it right, and it starts with Petrino.

“I understand he has some baggage but he’s a hell of a coach, and we shouldn’t try to play judge and jury and moral judge. He made a mistake, he admitted to his mistake, we have to hire a guy who we know can win, and that’s him,” said Charles Barkley over the phone. “It’s unfortunate about what happened to Chizik, but it’s time for Auburn to move on,” he said.

Petrino has his baggage. Auburn has its own issues. So this could be a chance for both to come together and repair their reputations together. And of course, win a bunch of football games. Which is obviously the most important part of this for Auburn.

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  1. I wonder if Petrino would agree to no buyout from the university in the event that he leaves or is fired before his contract is up. I mean, being that he pulled out of Louisville and the ATL Falcons coaching jobs. What does that and what happened at UA? It says a whole lot about the character of this man, or the lack thereof. And I don’t care what Charles says about passing on the morality issue because he’s a good coach. Good coaches don’t do what he did to his wife and family, nor to the university that so richly employed him. What kind of example does this set for the young athletes? Petrino should be in coaching purgatory; go find another type of employment. We don’t want you at AU Bobby….. everyone I talk to feels that way.

    • Montana Moxie says:

      If Bill Clinton can remain President of the United States after using the oval office as his sexual playground, a football coach should be able to coach. What Petrino did to his family is between him and his family. Arkansas should have placed him on probation not fire him. I underestand he hired his mistress in the athletic department, but the liability issue could have been resolved. I am not condoning Petrino’s actions only pointing out he didn’t break NCAA rules, and every where he has coached he wins!

  2. I hope that the quitter (Atlanta Falcons) and model husband (Arkansas) ends up at Auburn. The school and he deserve each other.

  3. ML is correct. Schools are for teaching. If Petrino shows up any college campus what message is the school sending to the STUDENT athlete? Are we teaching that cheating is okay?

  4. Rzbker1974 says:

    ……and lying to your AD.

  5. Maybe he has changed. We need a coach that can win, but also one that will uphold moral standards. Barkley is always running his mouth about something. I don’t put a lot of stock in anything he says. But, Auburn does have a great search commitee and I think they will come up with the right coach.

  6. Get a grip my fellow Tigers. Auburn is a hard team to coach. Expectiations are through the roof, conference is the best in the country and currently the SEC West seems to be tougher than East; but that still doesn’t give up reason to reach into the sewer to grab someone else’s trash. Patience, we have some weeks to go before we lose this upcoming recruiting class. Keep the morons (Terry Bowden, etc) away, keep the scum (Petrino) away; and let’s get someone that we will be comforable with and wins. I mean Bama can live with a lying snake (I pull for the Dolphins in the NFL); but we shouldn’t.

    • All of you that live in Glass Houses!!! If AU is so morally upstanding why is the NCAA crawling up your back side? I am a Blue Bleeding member of the BBN and I’ll say this for Petrino he ain’t know angel but he gets the job done. I wish we had gotten him. Sir Chucky has it right the man will win and sense AU is gonna be under the glass anyway there is no issue about Petrino. Beleive me sooner or later he’ll be lined up across from you and then you may have wish U had him. A bunch of us wanted him at Ky but as I understand it Stoops has that kind of potential to lift us up from the celler, a place we know well. Charles has a get it done attitude and some plain ol’ common sense, tie Pertino up with clauses and keep a close watch on him if you think you have to but I believe he’s had enough of himself and would be happy to get AU through it’s NCAA rough time and build a proud program back up were it belongs. Either way I don’t have a dog in this fight so we’ll see ya across the line and I do hope Pertrino gets away from the SEC, he’s that good…

  7. first of all bobby is one hell of a coach.we at arkansas should have kept him.fine him or whatever.he is not the only person to ever cheat on his wife.but he has admitted to it.what would you have done if you were in his place?would you go to your boss and admit it right on the spot?i dont think so.what about all these preachers who have done just as bad?they are still preaching and people forgive them and go on.who knows how many important people are carrying on the same way.they just havent been caught.his family forgave him.he will make auburn a national power again im sure.let god be the judge not us.just go win.i dont know if arkansas will ever get another coach like him.we will be lucky to get any coach.i dont think anyone wants to come here.good luck.

  8. Roger Podacter says:

    Nepotism is a terminable offense. Whether he was screwing this woman or not, he had a personal relationship that led directly to her getting a job with the university. If Auburn hires him, they deserve each other. Actually, given Auburn’s history with NCAA probation and investigations, they already deserve each other.

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