Auburn players reportedly weren’t going to class or working out under Gene Chizik

Now that Gene Chizik has been officially fired, it’s time for the piling on to begin. Of course, we already know about the NCAA investigation that is reportedly underway at Auburn. But according to a source that spoke to, there were more signs that Chizik had lost control of the program.

Case in point: Many Auburn players weren’t going to class and others were skipping mandatory workouts. All of which Chizik knew about at some point, but reportedly never did anything about it.

One example: During the second week of the regular season, before the cracks in the foundation began to show up on the field in a lifeless 28-10 loss at Mississippi State, an academic adviser told Chizik there was a problem with one of his Auburn starters.

The adviser said the player wasn’t going to class, wasn’t doing his classwork, wasn’t making much of an effort at all in the classroom.

Chizik’s response: He told the adviser he didn’t believe him. That player started the Mississippi State game and struggled terribly, never showed much development on the field and eventually lost his starting job.

And then there’s the discipline side of things and that whole private security issue.

Early this season, Auburn hired a private security firm to help enforce an 11 p.m. weeknight curfew.

Older players living off-campus came to resent the measure because a representative of the security firm was supposed to see them enter their apartments before the curfew or knock and make sure they were in their rooms.

On one occasion, a player who’d arrived home before the security guard reacted to the guard’s knock for bed check by firing a shoe at the wall and warning the guard not to knock on his door again.

Multiple current players came out and voiced that they wanted Chizik back. And now that these details, if true, have come to light, it’s easy to see why.

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