An unsuccessful homestand would reportedly put Mike Brown in ‘immediate jeopardy’ as Lakers head coach

And the overreaction continues.

Kobe’s mad, Lakers fans are losing their ever-loving minds, and now Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting that if the Lakers’ upcoming six game homestand doesn’t go well, Mike Brown is in “immediate jeopardy” of losing his job.

What the h*ll?

Sources told that the Lakers, while having publicly expressed support for Brown in the wake of a 1-4 start, have privately grown sufficiently concerned about the state of the team to the point that management is prepared to look seriously at a coaching change at this early juncture if L.A. can’t take advantage of what looks to be multiple winnable games in the upcoming stretch.

The homestand begins Friday night against the banged-up Golden State Warriors, who’ll be without injured center Andrew Bogut and key reserve Brandon Rush, and continues through Nov. 20 with games against Sacramento, San Antonio, Phoenix, Houston and Brooklyn.

Know why something like this doesn’t make any sense at all? Because even if the Lakers go 6-0 in the homestand, it doesn’t prove a thing. It’s early NOVEMBER! The Lakers don’t even know what they have yet. Case in point, this passage from Stein:

The Lakers have had a healthy Steve Nash in the lineup for only 1½ of their five games so far thanks to a leg injury, while fellow newcomer Dwight Howard has acknowledged that he’s still recovering from the back surgery that brought a premature end to his 2011-12 campaign and knocked him out of the London Olympics. Kobe Bryant has also been playing through a foot ailment.

See that? This team isn’t even healthy and that’s not even mentioning they haven’t had time to figure things out.

The Lakers organization is usually above things like this.

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