According to a Tennessee Titans assistant coach, ‘Everyone is scared’ after Bud Adams’ comments

It was perfectly clear to us that Bud Adams was looking to have everyone in the Titans organization fearing for their job after he spoke with The Tennessean. But what wasn’t clear is if it would actually work.

Well according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, it did indeed work. And in a big way.

Said one Titans assistant coach to me: “Everyone is scared. We’re all looking over our shoulders now.”

“When I say everyone, I mean everyone,” the coach said. “There is a sense of panic now throughout the organization.”
This source said that in the hours after Adams’ declaration, some in the organization began covertly looking for other jobs just in case there is a mass firing at the end of the season. Considering this is only the halfway point, that tells you how much Adams’ statement scared people inside the Titans.

For Adams: mission accomplished. But we don’t see how people that are busy looking for new jobs will help right the ship in Tennessee this season.

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