A petition has been created that asks the Obama Administration to remove Jerry Jones as owner and GM of the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are currently sitting at a disappointing 5-6. And if you ask most Cowboys fans, Jerry Jones is mostly to blame. Mainly because of his unwillingness to admit that he needs help with making decisions about personnel. Despite how loud the calls have grown for Jones to step aside as GM, Jones has defiantly maintained that a GM other than himself will never happen.

So what is there left to do for Cowboys fans? Well, a Georgia man has turned to the Obama Administration for help. A man named Steven M. has petitioned the Obama Administration to remove Jones as owner and GM of the Cowboys citing that Jones’ “incompetence and ego have not only been an extreme disappointment for way too long, but moreover, it has caused extreme mental and emotional duress.” Yes, extreme mental and emotional duress.

As you can see, the petition currently only 439 signatures out of the 25,000 goal. So if you have felt the extreme mental and emotional duress like Steven M. has, go put your signature on this puppy.

H/T Dallas Morning News

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  1. Chaz Ferdan says:

    I see Jerry losing his mind al la Al Davis before ever giving up his grip over all things cowboy.
    I am fine with that, being a lifelong Giants fan!

  2. And just who is the sand n@#ger going to appoint as head of Jerry’s company, Susan Rice.

  3. @Spinnaker Really? You racist trailer trash piece of shit! Stfu!!

  4. mtcowboyfan says:

    Yeah and mayby these fools can get there free cell phones and butcher some babies at the same time,nobama is all for that

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