Today’s Jay Bilas Young Jeezy lyric tweet came complete with the N-word

Jay Bilas started his day presumably like he starts every day. Maybe some breakfast, a cup of coffee, and tweeting a Young Jeezy lyric to his over 380K followers that ends with the phrase “I gotta go to work.”

But today was unlike other days for Bilas when it came to his Jeezy tweet. You see, usually Bilas picks a rather clean lyric to send to the masses or he just cleans the lyric up himself. Today, he did not do that. Today, he with all parental advisory and sent a lyric with the N-word in it.

Of course, the tweet quickly disappeared, but as always, nothing every completely disappears from the internet. So here it is raw and uncut.

Bilas later apologized and sent out the cleaned up version of the lyric:

Yeah, it may be time for Mr. Bilas to cool it with the Jeezy lyrics. Or be more careful.

H/T @AngryBlkManDC

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